FILE 013: PART II - The Side of the Argo Mission You’ve Never Heard – Exfiltration

PART TWO: EXFILTRATION. In this conclusion to the two-part finale of The Langley Files Season Two, Dee and Walter follow the thread of the “Argo” operation to rescue six Americans stranded in post-1979 Iran to its final moments—because for CIA master of disguise Tony Mendez and the previously-unidentified second CIA officer who undertook this daring mission with him, getting into Iran was just the beginning. Once in Tehran, they’ll have to train six Americans with no background in clandestine operations to impersonate a film crew convincingly enough to get past revolutionary Iranian security forces at the border. An additional twist: they’ll have just one night to do it. Tune in to learn how, and hear about the conclusion of this legendary CIA operation from a perspective that’s never been public until now.

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FILE 013: PART II - The Side of the Argo Mission You’ve Never Heard – Exfiltration
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