FILE 013: PART I - The Side of the Argo Mission You’ve Never Heard - Infiltration

PART ONE: INFILTRATION. In this two-part finale of the second season of The Langley Files, Dee and Walter open up the Agency’s vault on one of the most famous declassified CIA operations in history: the plan to rescue six Americans stranded in hostile post-1979 Iran, under the cover of scouting for a film called “Argo.” The first twist: the most commonly understood version of these events is missing a key piece of the picture. When CIA master of disguise Tony Mendez snuck into Iran to exfiltrate the six Americans, he didn’t go in alone: a second CIA officer went in with him. The officer’s identity and role have never been revealed—until now. On this episode of The Langley Files, you’ll hear the inside story of this mission from a CIA historian, from the director of the CIA museum—and, for the first time ever, from that previously-unknown hero of the Argo operation himself.
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FILE 013: PART I - The Side of the Argo Mission You’ve Never Heard - Infiltration
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